an efficient working system for your projects, with the convenience of being online.

Is it possible to work safely, in an efficient way, to be always competitive?

Is it possible to develop your ideas even during a period of crisis?


is it possible to grow your business even when mobility is blocked?



As the lockdown imposed by COVID-19 gradually eases, insiders and consumers alike are wondering how shopping and business habits will change. Whether they are in retail or in the world of catering and entertainment.


It certainly won’t be the same as before. The Coronavirus crisis has served to accelerate the ongoing digitization process in all areas and there is little chance of going back.


What worked in the past may not work in the near future.


One thing is clear: in the retail sector, to survive it will be necessary to take advantage of good design and make sales spaces more efficient.


Now more than ever, efficiency and design are needed to give meaning to your business, both in terms of profit and brand.



  • Optimize the processes between front of house and back of house in the store;
  • Identify the unexpressed potential and the pain points of a space or project and resolve all the critical issues;
  • Communicate a Safe Experience through cleanliness and hygiene;
  • Creating the right paths, both from the point of view of distance, efficiency and regulation;
  • Understand how technology can help especially to connect online realities with off-line ones. They have to work together;
  • Make the purchase process fast, safe and easy;
  • Use signage efficiently and in line with official guidelines;
  • Multiply customer access and boost sales.


  • design a specific concept for the store (or other activity);
  • Exalting the potential of the place by making the client live an emotional experience that attracts the customer;
  • Convey an atmosphere that makes the customer feel at ease;
  • Establish circulation, so the consumer can move around easily and enjoy the shopping experience;
  • Using technology to create emotional involvement and security perception;
  • Designing the sales space to win the curiosity and confidence of the customer who will then return to make other purchases;
  • Enhance the perception of the value of the store with the result of increase sales.

These are the actions that a courageous company or entrepreneur must understand is necessary to do at this time, in order to be able to secure an advantageous position in the restart phase and also afterwards.

It does not matter whether the restart is gradual or accelerated, because the strategy put in place will already be at an advanced stage.

It is therefore necessary to react immediately in order to take advantage of the opportunities that the growth of digital technology is offering even at these times.

Develop a strategy that allows you to focus your business and invest in technology as a means to develop your ideas.

This strategy refers to new ways of working remotely that take advantage of the possibilities provided by the Internet, to develop any work even in the absence of physical presence:


In times like these, you need to be ready for change. At Sensitivity Architecture we are aware of this. This is why we have defined an internal protocol that allows to work completely remotely.




Together with you, a deliverable set of documents will be agreed upon, studied on your specific project.

Reports, presentations, drawings, 3D renderings and more can be downloaded directly to your desktop.

We will use video calls, telephone, e-mail, messaging, to establish together design themes and timing. And to get to know each other better.

We will agree together that the package contains all the information necessary to develop your idea.

Work is an activity, not a place. Our goal is to focus on results and create a relationship based on trust, between us, the client and our consultants.


Smartworking remote working

Why is Sensitivity Architecture’s agile-working is the winning move, right now?

Because it saves an enormous amount of time. For travel, organization and logistics, to wait for an answer from the consultants. We will be always in touch.

It can be done? Yes.

Because it turns out to be very cheap. Meetings, reviews, deliveries are via the Internet. That means no commissions, no postage, no tickets, no refunds.

Is that an advantage? Yes.

Because it’s a very flexible system. It allows to adapt in real-time to the needs of the customer and the project team, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Is it useful? Yes.


Servizio da remoto
 Step 1


  • Sharing a list with questions and design ideas to fix, together with the client, the hot topics and the critic points of the project;


  • Analysis of the efficiency of the project, essential to discover the potential and the risks that the status presents and how they can be solved;


Step 2


  • The first step on the path of emotional design. There will be shared evocative images and sensory references to present materials and iconic atmospheres, to understand the direction to follow after the efficiency analysis;

Step 3


  • Presentation of the project through 3D renderings and graphic presentations;

  • Design concept approval;

  • Delivery of the final project drawings.


Site visits


Site visits are essential for a project. Here too, technology comes to our aid:

By using a detailed survey and the observation of pictures and videos shot by local collaborators, it is often possible to solve most of the project themes and reduce client’s expenses;

Art direction

Sensitivity Architecture will proactively assist you by providing advice and guidance throughout the project development, supplier selection and on-site.


Sensitivity will assist you in all possible declinations of a retail project:


  • interior design;
  • custom fixtures;
  • visual merchandising;
  • window design and signage;
  • lighting design;
  • other.


Exclusive spaces that capture the customer’s curiosity through emotions and make him come back.

A unique shopping experience that enhances the brand and produces added value, forever.

A system that optimizes efficiency, boost sales and customer access.


Work efficiently and safely, have always everything under control, get to know each other better and communicate without constraints or limits. Receive the finished work directly to your home desktop.


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