We have the sensitivity to make your store more efficient and appealing!

About us: Sensitivity Architecture is a retail design studio born from the idea of Marco Gentilin, to combine the two features he loves most in architecture. Efficiency and Emotion.


Afterwards the collaborations with international firms – Citterio-Viel, Duccio Grassi Architects, SPI, Il Prisma – he established Sensitivity Architecture in Milan. The office focuses mainly on Fashion Retail Design, Food & Beverage Design and Home Interiors.


Architect Marco Gentilin


Architect Gentilin is the first to have developed a unique method of analysis of design efficiency with the aim to optimize the performances of the store to boost sales and increase customer accesses.


Always starting from the analysis of the efficiency of the spaces, we use the knowledge acquired from the application of the “Sensitivity Method” to bring together specialists within a multidisciplinary team.


The team is always different because created to solve the special features of “that” specific project.


Sensitivity collaborates with specialized consultants as graphic designers, lighting designers, strategists, visual designers and illustrators, 3D artists.


This allows us to form a realistic work plan of specific integrated activities to obtain always the best possible final results for the client.


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